An enjoyable meeting with Jack

I caught up with Roger Fox from Fox Security Services & Repairs. With 15 years in the industry Roger stepped it up in 2017 to run his own business.
Roger specializes in security for homes and his passion came through when he said to me “the client’s safety and security is paramount – it comes first before anything else.” “ – especially with the way things are going!”
Roger always had an interest in electronics and technology. This interest has seen Roger gain extensive product knowledge of the many systems out there. His favorite: the RISCO Agility 3. A full security alarm system, wireless, that can be connected to the cloud. Operated by phone, tablet, computer – anywhere you have internet – you can even send snapshots of an alarm that has been activated.
Roger enjoys what he does – “likes having his head inside an alarm panel or taking on the problem, solving it and feeling good”. He loves being presented with the problem no one else can address and is the man you call in when told it can’t be done.
Local, married for 25 years, a beautiful wife and 3 lovely daughters. When he has a break, Roger likes to get out on the water and relax with a bit of fishing.