False Sense Of Security

At Fox Security Services and Repairs we are often shocked by what we see at our clients premises.
Security alarm systems incorrectly wired, devices incorrectly installed, systems incorrectly programmed or homes that have clear entry points with no security coverage at all.
Then we hear the stories where previous ” technicians ” have been out to perform a service only to tell the client, ” Oh no your system can’t do that ” or ” Sorry, your system is damaged and needs to be replaced ” etc etc. We then get a call to come out so the client can get a second opinion only to then complete the service as the client requested in the first place.
Unfortunately by then the client has usually already paid for the previous technicians ” service call “.
This is why it is vitally important when contacting a Security service business for your system, you want someone who has the experience, knowledge and honesty to get the job done right the first time.